Peek At My Feb Fab Bag

05/03/2014 22:26

I know I am late at posting this but “It’s never late till you do it”. The final quadrant of the Financial Year is on and Feb has been a mad mad month towards achieving the sales targets. I expect March to be no different. During the coarse time of the last week, I received this bundle of joy from nowhere. It’s always refreshing to get hold of a parcel with your name on it when you are expecting the least.

February Fab Bag on the first look appeared to be bigger than its predecessors and indeed it was! It was in line with the Valentine’s month. The sweet find in the pouch was two heart shaded cookies from “Cookieman”. Sorry, I don’t have pictures as I ate them up on the very same day. Burpppp!!

The other items found in the bag are as shown below.

1. Cetaphil Cleansing & Moisturizing Lotion

2. Tommy G Lip Gloss

3. Florelle Kajal Eye Pencil

4. Vivel Cell Renew Sample Kit

Overall Recommendation:

Though there was a feel good factor about the bag due to the cookies, the products were not very appealing. Neither the eye pencil nor the moisturizer/cleanser combo were from known brands (at least beyond my knowledge). If any of you reader has an idea, please do appraise me.  As brown liners do not look great on me, I have started using it as a lip liner and its doing a pretty good job. No smudging or fading.

Haven’t used the cleanser as they look too medicated and I am hesitant of trying anything new for my face skin.  The bi-shade lip gloss is doable. It’s typically vermillion red in shade.

I liked the Vivel launch kit with the body lotion, moisturizer and hand cream trio. The sample sizes will last a week. I have tried the hand and body ceam. They smell really great. As per the Vivel kit, I can provide a feedback of their product on the Vivel site, nominate 3 friends for receiving the same pack as a personalized gift and also ensue another gift myself!  So overall I have mixed feeling about this bag. My subscription ends here and I am not going to renew it.

You can get your FAB BAG here.




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