My Weekly Clean-up Routine

21/05/2014 21:20

Disclaimer- This post is on popular demand only. Personally I don’t like doing these kind of posts as they somehow make me extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed!!

My skin type and some “uninteresting” History:

Dry round the year. Turns patchy at places due to added dryness in weather. Otherwise, no acnes or pimples. Mostly well behaved. A daily CTM & weekely DIY clean up routine for the last 10 months have done wonders to my skin. The skin tone is more uniform, bright negligible pigmentation and no dry patches even during winters.

Products used in the same order:

  1. Face Scrub- Boots BOTANICS Purifying Face Srub ALL BRIGHT (Before starting the routine I clean up the make-up, if any, with a cleanser)    This is my favorite face scrub I have “ever ever” used in my Life so far. Got it from Boots during my Thailand visit. It’s so milky smooth with the correct amount of abrasiveness. They are not over coarse and doesn’t end up scratching my skin. Even if I do away with the face pack, the scrub by itself cleans my face thoroughly and imparts subtle glow.

  1. Steam- While I scrub my face I also switch on the steamer and expose my face to the vapour. This also helps in softening any white or black heads, thus, comes out easily by scrubbing. I do this almost for 10 minutes and then wash with normal temperature tap water. Pat dry.
  2. Face Pack/ Ubtan-Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan with Milk: As I am dry skinned I use this ubtan with milk.  A very small amount goes a long way. It’s been 10 months and I am yet to finish the tub. I wash the ubtan off after 10 minutes with very luke-warm water. (Basically I have no more patience- In between I watch TV or read a book.)

  1. Toner- Fab India Tea Tree Toner (Read review HERE)

This is my regular toner which I use on daily basis.

  1. Moisturizer- I complete this task with any light moisturizer or sunscreen depending on whether I would be staying at home or moving out.

This is my time tested routine which has given superb results over the course of time. Hence, when it comes to skincare products in the present scenario, I am a very hesitant in trying anything new as the current products suit me to the core. 



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