My Entry in “The Real Beauty Bloggers Contest” Organized by BeautyGlimpse.Com

30/08/2014 22:05

Hey my Beautiful readers. Its long weekend in Mumbai here on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Having spent half of my so far lifetime in Maharashtra, I am much attached to the festival. Remember in childhood we were asked about our favorite God????.... and I used to undoubtedly declare Gannu!!!

Continuing this merry mood I decided to participate in this blogging contest. The last time I was requested to attended an event and participate in a contest, I was unable to do so as was on a vacation. That really put me in dismay. So when this time I had an invite to participate I just knew I had to enter. Keeps one going and motivated!!!

As per the contest I am supposed to share my Beauty, Health, Wellness or Makeup secrets and describe briefly what real beauty means to me and why I love – India’s Fastest Growing Beauty Site.

My Beauty Secret:

My best kept beauty secret is my SMILE!

Don’t categorize me as clichéd but ITS cent percent true. For the matter, I think it must be true for all of us. Imagine we are in the best attires and make up and still darn a frowning face…Is the designer wear and MAC going to work for you??

All moms see their kid as the best. But imagine when I am angry (my threshold level is pretty low actually) my Mom comments me back saying I look really bad and ugly. My hair fringes rise as if under the action of some electrostatic force!!

Flaunting a smile (not everywhere and every time though, else I will look like a lunatic) on a flawless brown skin…….can surely have that killer effect.

I have said this before “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man perfect & wise”, is old now. Let’s see what the new ones say- “Care before bed, care after rise, makes a woman beautiful & nice”.

I never, ever, ever miss my night time beauty routine- Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing. How much ever tired I may be, how loud Mr. Husband would call out my name to cuddle beside him, I don’t hit the bed without completing my regime which basically is this:-

  1. Cleansing: Currently I am using Yves Rocher Eye Makeup remover . I also use the bi-phase one from MAC. For face, I use Fab India Sesame Oil and then wipe of everything with a cold tissue.   
  2. Toning- Fab India Tea Tree Toner: Toning is an elementary part of daily beauty regime.
  3. Moisturizing - Forest Essentials 24 Carat Soundarya Serum.  I love to go to bed in a way that I feel fresh and smell good. A good night cream not only hydrates my skin during the night which itself is the best time for skin rejuvenation, but also makes me smell good and feels soothing. It has also kept my skin in its best kept form.

Real Beauty As Per Me:

While beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes, I feel I am the most beautiful when I am Myself. Purely original and 100% ME. Cheerful, Witty & Chick. I already told you about the smile funda.
Apart from that I am much more confident when I am dressed and done the make up my style without imitating or trying to be someone else. Yes, I don’t go for work or to somewhere else without my basic make up which includes a tinted moisturizer, kohl, mascara & a bright lipstick. But that’s my style. I look beautiful when I feel beautiful.

Thirdly those bright lips need to deliver something interesting & intelligent. While I don’t have a gift of gab or sarcastic humor which I am big fan of, I try speaking something which is compatible with the situation.

Why I love Beauty Glimpse:

Who doesn’t love variety??? I mean when you know that you get a flavor of different writers under a single umbrella of beauty and fashion, reading is most fun. Beauty Glimpse offers this variety keeping in mind the latest trends on beauty, fashion & lifestyle. It not only offers reviews but also suggests great tit bits and tricks for beauty & fashion.

Check out beauty glimpse HERE & I am sure you will like it as well .There are some great DIYs too.



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