My Collection of Painting Tools

05/07/2013 17:20

I have a mix and match of make-up brushes. Right from MAC to Inglot to Vega to Sheer Cover and finally Basic Care.

The MAC brushes are a gift from my Friend from London. So is the Sheer Cover Concealer and Powder brush from my favorite colleague (read it as friend). If both of you are reading this, thank you once more.

The rest are my hard earned investment.

Yes, I call it an investment as it will take you a long way. Brushes are integral part of your make up. They are hygienic and provide uniformity & precision to your make up. Just like there are different spoons for different dishes, similarly there are different brushes for different purpose.

If you are a novice you can start with Vega Professional Brushes, Color Bar or Basic Care and then graduate to MAC or Inglot. Sigma brushes are also cheaper than MAC and give equally good results. You can order then online for free + duty charges.

This post is a window to my collection. I shall review each of them separately for you girls.