May Mega Giveaway Announcement on Born Beautiful

02/05/2014 21:15



Hello Beauties and Handsomes (in case you are secretively reading my blog)!! I am totally pepped up today to announce the Mega Giveaway at Born Beautiful. Now if you are thinking why on earth have I turned so generous all of a sudden, and you start imagining things, let me tell you that I am generally the happiest at this time of the year. MAY has been always the month that I relate to a Summer vacations, Mangoes, Leechies, Visit to Granny’s place, Eating Aloo Kabli (aalo chaat) and my life’s Diwali,a.k.a my Birthday.

While all these years this has been my time of receiving gifts, this time I have decided to reverse the process (if my closies are reading this, then don’t think you are pardoned. I am still expecting my part of gifts from YOU). To tell you, my sister has already presented my Birthday Gift, a pair of Gold Jhumkaaaaas!!! Will show them in some other post. So where was I..oh ya….altering the trend of gifts. So I announce the Giveaway on Born Beautiful on the occasion of “Being Happiest”. I know you are super excited now and wondering how to thank me. Well it’s as easy as finishing your ice cream.  You may give me a return gift in the form of more likes, comments and Twitter follow ups.

Hope you like the teaser while I jot down the terms and conditions for the participating in the Giveaway and click some superb shots the products, you may help me by sharing this on your FB/ Google plus Pages or twitter handles.

I promise you would like the products. For now I hope you like the teaser.



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