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09/01/2014 16:14

One of the down sides of staying in Mumbai is the space crunch. Every time I buy something new, the first thing that comes to my mind is “where would I store it”. With my make-up items soring I started facing a dearth of space. Mr. Husband thinks I have gone mad and make up is my passing fade. Least he knows how engulfed and fascinated I am with anything and everything beautiful!

I searched on the internet and learnt about the Tuckin Storage boxes. Nayasa is an Indian manufacturer and their Tuckins can be bought at ebay and can be checked here. But they would send you the color which is available at the time of the Despatch. Though you can communicate your preference by putting a query to the supplier. And yes, they replied back to me saying that the white colored ones were available.  I wanted the ultra tuckins. Difference was the tuckin ones had handles on the breaths and the ultra tuckins had the handles on the lengths. I also called up Nayasa to know about their nearest dealer. Blame my luck, both the numbers provided were out of action.

I was too desperate and wanted the item immediately.

So yesterday while I was waiting during a gap of 3 hours during my customer meeting I decided to head for lunch to R City Mall. And then I thought of going to the furniture and furnishing shops to check out if I could find any Tuckin Storage Boxes. I first went to the store “Home Center” and didn’t find anything. Then I went to Home Center and found what I wanted.

There was a 3 storey and a 4 storey ones from Neelkamal. I liked the 4 storey ones but the delivery would happen after a week. 3 storey one was available at the store and could be picked immediately. Damn again my impatience, I picked-up the 3 storey ones.

Nevertheless I am quite happy with my purchase. I am yet to stack my make-up goodies in it.. I need to get a lipstick stand. Currently I am using an extra lingerie organizer that I got from Fashion and You to stack the items. Giggles!!!

But I am planning to get one of these from Zansaar.Com and place it inside the storage tray. I may try to make something on my own.

You might be also interested in knowing other better ways of organizing make up and beauty care items.  Initially I used to keep them in a foldable vanity box but it was too tedious to work using it every day.

Below are few inspiration from Pinterest:



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