Review and Swatch of Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadow- Pomegranate Punk

21/01/2014 18:12

Girls, what is your deepest beauty desire?? Mine is a simple one. Wish I had kempt eye brows and upper lips done 24X7X365 and 366 in case of a leap year.

I was in two minds before sharing this post. Do you notice that strand of unpluck hair in the pics below? I hate it. So I thought it would be least appealing to post this pics. But then, it’s not too easy to create selfies, with so much of work around. With the last quarter of the annual session, my sales target have soared to an extent that I hardly have any air to breathe. Hence, better this post goes on air rather than getting deleted and forgotten.

Maybelline Color Tattoo is not a new kid on the block, but because I have started using it off late, I thought of sharing my experience with you all.

Company Claims:

“Get ready to give your eyes an instant glamorous look with this ‘Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk’ eye shadow from Maybelline. Offering long-lasting colour saturation and an easy glide, it is sure to become your makeup kit’s next favorite”.

Price: INR 350 per 4 gm

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Verdict:

This is my second pick from the Maybelline Tattoo Series. The first one was the “Bold Gold”, which was impressive but didn’t work with me to be used as a standalone eye shadow because of its texture. Still, I decided to take my chance with Pomegranate Punk, and I am not disappointed this time.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadow in the shade Pomegranate Punk is an oxidized pink colored cream shadow. In fact the shade stands by its interesting fruity name. It resembles the inside of the pomegranate fruit.

I have seen it on fairer girls and it appears as an extremely pretty pink shade. On warmer skin tone like mine, it’s an oxidized pink, exactly the shade that’s in the pot. This works in favor me! As, a cool pink tone makes me looked pretty washed out. In fact shades like the universally appealing MAC Expensive Pink doesn’t work for me either!

It’s got a frosty finish and can be used as a neutral pink eye shadow for girls with warm under tones.

The texture is smooth and creamy. And doesn’t dry too fast while applying, unlike MAC Paint Pots. In fact I found the Pomegranate ones much better than Bold Gold. While applying on the lids, it glides and gives enough time to blend and smoothen out the edges. Gives a good coverage even if used as a standalone shadow. Post application it dries up to give a long lasting and smudge proof finish.

Though after couple of hours, say 3-4 hours, I have noticed some creasing, if not a drastic ones. The overall appearance is a dry pigmented shadow over the eye lids. I didn’t test for 12 insane hours, but even at the 9th hour it was just there without much fading or smudging or creasing!!

The packaging is just like MAC Paint Pots, a circular transparent glass jar with a black plastic cap. The branding is incorporated on both the sides.

The best way to apply and blend this is with your fingertips. The harsh edges can be blended with any blending brush.


  1. Beautiful color
  2. Smooth Texture
  3. Blends well
  4. Not too dry while applying
  5. Pocket Friendly
  6. Good Packaging
  7. Lasts long on the lids


  1. Post application can give a dry finish which may not be liked by all

Overall Recommendation:

 Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadows are a good dupe of MAC Paint pots and in many ways can prove to be better than the MAC ones. Pomegranate Punk is an oxidized pink shade that looks pinker on fair girls and oxidized on dusky ones. The texture is smooth, creamy and blend-able. It can work both as a standalone eye shadow or a base. The eye shadow also lasts for almost 9-10 hours on the lids without getting much affected. The only downside that I see is probably the appearance after a few hours, which looks sandy and drying. But otherwise, it’s a good deal at 350 Bucks.  




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