Date: 06/02/2014

By: Jayapriya

Subject: Great Attempt

Wow is the only word... really liked reviews on the latest products ... Great show !!!!!! Keep going ....


Date: 10/02/2014

By: Bonny

Subject: Re: Great Attempt

Thanks JP :)


Date: 11/01/2014

By: Deepti

Subject: Hi..

Hi Bonny..Finally went through all the posts.. Hope I am not too late. This is suppperrr! I understood many fashion terminologies after reading this. Remember when you taught me the eye liner tricks and let me tell you I am surviving on those till today. This is great stuff. Keep writing. I am permanent here now. :-)


Date: 05/02/2014

By: Bonny

Subject: Re: Hi..

Thanks a lot Deepti. Its never late till you do it :).. I will keep up the work hoping you will read the posts and also share your expectations and views. :)


Date: 18/12/2013

By: Sutapa Sikdar

Subject: Thank you.

Dearest Sister

At the onset i thank you infinetly on this day.Today is 18th and i chose to write you because you know the reason!!!!
Though thanking you wont suffice at all if i have to say.But still straight from my heart to my babyjaan.
The charismatic make up and the transformation you gave me,I simply glued my eyes in the mirror.It was an uphill task for you to transform some one like me into a beauty.Considering the fact that you were not keeping well your enthusiasm ,dedication,commitment and overall unconditional love overpowered every bad and tired mood.The result was awe s trucking!!!
Looking back i became so nostalgic that the universe conspired and inspired me to write this for you.
"I thank 22nd May when you tiny one popped out."



Date: 20/12/2013

By: Born Beautiful

Subject: Re: Thank you.

Weiiiieeeee...Thats so cute..Thanks.."I popped out"..He he he!!


Date: 29/08/2013

By: Sona

Subject: Mac lipstick

Its orange:)


Date: 22/07/2013

By: Sona

Subject: Bridal section

Loved 2nd pic wins for me:)


Date: 23/07/2013

By: Bonny

Subject: Re: Bridal section

Yups...whoever she is ,,she seems to be a natural beauty.Inspired by her eye make up.

Also another thing to notice is , only classy gold jewellery is worn by Bong Brides.. So hue of gold/copper/bronze becomes a primacy in Bong Bridal make up as well.


Date: 15/07/2013

By: Aditi Prabhu

Subject: Wow!

this is FAB!!!.... keep writing... i am already a fan :)