Difference between a Face Primer, Corrector and Concealer

Difference between a Face Primer, Corrector and Concealer

At times I feel, learning make-up tactics is like preparing for an exam. I mean “what, where, how” keeps on popping every now and then.

Recollecting Bobbi Brown here, “cosmetic companies should train customers on make-up. Only then you can expect sales happening”.

So here I thought of dedicating today’s post on few face make up jargons and the difference between them- a Face Primer, a Concealer and a Corrector.

Let me not get into a complex Science Examination mode by defining the products :). Guess this can be best explained by what their purpose is.

  1. Primer: A primer can be gel or cream based that is applied before any coat of make up for ensuring a smooth application of base make up like foundation/ increasing the longevity of the foundation / building a protecting layer between the skin and the make-up. Primer is applied after the face has completed its moisturizer (Evening) or SPF (Day) routine. There are various kinds of primers available in the market depending on your skin type. They are either transparent or translucent. Few of them can also be tinted. I am currently on Inglot Base Make up which is gel based and great for dry skin or winters.


  1. Corrector: A Corrector is either pink or peach colored cream based product that is aimed to even out the tone and getting that extra coverage. Again it must be applied before the foundation. One should restrict to the blemishes or pigmented area like under eye dark circles an around the mouth. The corrector is designed to use before (under) the yellow based concealer and is supposed to neutralize the darkness. They also avoid creasing of the makeup. Bobbi Brown is supposed to manufacture some wonderful correctors. They have some 12 shades available. They are  best suited for the Indian Skin tone. Inglot too manufactures Corrector but I shall not pick one for myself because of the limited tints.


  1. Concealer: A concealer is very dense/thicker version of foundation that is used to hide dark under eye circles, any scar, pimple or mark. They are mainly cream based and can be found in various shades. Restricting myself to the Indian Skin tone, the yellow tones concealers work the best for us. I prefer applying it after my foundation where ever I feel I require the extra coverage and then blend it well with finger dabbing. The packaging can be in various forms like bottles, jars or sticks. The market is full of concealers. Most of them do a great job. What should one must look out for is something that matches one’s skin tone. Currently, I use sheer Cover concealer. It’s a gift and I would buy or try out something new only once I finish this one. See I am on a saving spree!